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Jemezzy Babe - Grandaddy SwaggArt, by definition, is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. Art is blind to color, creed, age or culture. Jemezzy Ba’be is not only the definition of art, but he is also the epitome of what it stands for. Jemezzy Ba’be was born Jemell Holmes-McGuire in Sacramento, CA. Raised as a product of the 80’s, Jemell took notice of the music game while following the coattail of his older cousin who was a founding member of the bay area’s infamous RBL posse. It was in the early 90’s when Jemell started to really develop his craft by writing rhymes in his notebook whenever or wherever possible. It was at that time, that Jemezzy Ba’be was born.

In 2012, Jemezzy Ba’be will release his Debut Album entitled Grandaddy Swagg, which is a culmination of production work by seasoned industry veterans as well as some talented newcomers. Jemezzy is the primary songwriter for all of his material and really showcases his ability to develop and record catchy choruses and crafty lyrics over music covering several genres. Jemezzy represents Sacramento, CA proudly and openly and is determined to be one of the few pioneers to explode onto the regional and national music scene from his area. Each and every verse on this album is intricate in detail and every word has been meticulously chosen to create the vivid images of life, work and play.

So what makes good art? Although art is subjective, the curiosity should bug you enough to listen. If you aren’t curious, then I implore you to open your mind to a new sound. Jemezzy is a true artist that writes and performs simply for the love of music. He will inspire you and will make a lasting impression as a part of the new world of music.
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To Contact Jemell “Jemezzy Ba’be” Holmes-McGuire use this email. Serious Inquiries only please.

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